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Garage loft bed is not level. Fresh water should be pumped into the tank with the assistance of the on board water pump or with the assistance of external water pressure. Gears may be stripped. the quality of the interior was better than other models we looked at. The microwave turn table jerks as it turns I have not looked into this yet.I did have the propane door keep opening on the way home also the latches were installed wrong even though it was easy fix. We have not had a good experience. As for the rest of the units the floor plan is great, plenty of storage and good value for what you pay for it. All weather, all fun 351! We thought we made a good choice. Best warranty service on grand design. The bed spread had a huge stain on it we noticed in the walk through so we are supposed to get another one. So if you are only 5 feet tall it’s hard to reach the right switch. Main cargo door fills with water when it rains this will just need caulked but you would think a new door should be sealed. The 3 ACs are great and cool the unit very well. Upon completion of the steps above, close the drain plug as well as the relief valve. In the rear, closets and windows surround the queen bed. The problem that I originally reported back in 2017 has been ongoing, but still nothing more than a nuisance, I can giggle some wires and it always comes back. Roof was bad. 0 0. He then basically told my husband to take it somewhere else. Re- set GFCI at receptacle in bathroom or kitchen. Other than the vent thing, it’s a great buy If your looking for a toy hauler. Very happy with our new Momentum 350m Toy Hauler, We looked at many competitor's models and felt grand design had the highest quality and best layout. I was banned from other GD owner groups when I talked about the horrible experience we've had since buying our 2018 Momentum 351. Shut off gas supply at the tank valve or gas supply connection. they would not fix it without the part. This has cushioning vertically and a pivoting king pin plate that allows for cushioning front to back as well. There are also three options we paid for but wish we didn't and we feel a little deceived: Solitude is the most spacious Extended Stay Fifth Wheel ever built! Make sure the connections are good at both TV and wall plate. Water found the path in the middle of the track and ran out onto the floor. This brand-new G-Class of travel trailer toy haulers is likely to live up to its name and build in momentum among RVers. There were several items we called out during our inspection/walk-through that didn't get fixed so we had to go back several times to get them fixed which was a pain. No RV you buy will be defect free, GD included. He went off on my husband and asked him who was paying for the work? 5. Kitchen slide does not close flush to the unit. We're going "full-time" because of my job. We discovered a number of things that were really just related to the dealer's service department. After no call backs or responses to emails my husband called the sales manager. Electrical Power (1) No AC Power to RV. Now I have to pull all the appliances and replace the floor out of pocket and the only thing grand design is going to do is send the plastic pieces. Grand Design Momentum 21G. Feature about this particular grand design momentum, Thirty-one G, is your filling station magnetic latches. Grand Design RVs Grand Design RV was started in 2011 by three men who have 30 years of combined experience in the RV industry. 2015 Grand Design Momentum $52,997 Color N/A Engine N/A Miles N/A. I understand that it will cost me more money to fight this but I am looking for an attorney today just to make them stand behind this $100k mistake I made in trusting this manufacturer. We at least got a small piece of carpet for the door step.The option should be title "unmeasured/uncut removable felt" because it is definitely not carpet! A small issue and I'm sure GD and/ or the right dealer has a list of lenders who will. Generator may be low on oil. Any information contained in the forum should be independently verified by checking with Grand Design, one of its authorized dealers, or reviewing your owner’s manual. Check power supply and circuit breaker. Make sure the battery disconnect is turned on. We are very excited about this opportunity to represent the Momentum line for Grand Design RV! Well of course we do!! Look at the gap between the hinge and the door jam. Onecontrol touch screen quit working but it was replaced within a week from lipert, they seem to really care about customer service. All Rights Reserved. I'm told the door isn't aligned with the latch catch properly. I assume the value at number 1 (photo #2), $118,254, is used to make the buyer think he/she is getting a discount. We sold our home and needed to be out by 4/22. Then the Lippert One Control for the kitchen and living room — they are trying make it high tech but why didn’t they include the bedroom and garage. GFCI receptacle switch may be off or tripped. But there are plenty of issues to point a finger at the manufacturer. Susan with Grand Design blames me for not noticing the sleeves were on there. New 2021 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 21G. We plan to full time it in 2 years. We lived in this full-time for over 6 months and absolutely loved it. In addition to our great selection, you’ll Experience More value—up to $7,000 more—when you purchase an RV from any of our Lazydays locations. The dealer gave us a $25 gift certificate for use in their Parts/Accessories department. they don't care if you are full timing, they said its not their problem, that they do not care about our loss or inconvenience !!!! Kitchen drawers falling out. 15’ garage I s very spacious. Find the best companies in Dealers category: Grand Design Rv and Heartland Rvs, Grand Design Rv vs Jayco, Heartland Rvs vs Keystone Rv Reflection is a combination of luxury, value, and towability in one amazing package. When I went online to get an insurance quote, I tried to insure my total investment; the value at number 2, the "bottom line" ($98,230.27). Hi all! Lightweight Travel Trailers that hit the sweet spot for today’s medium duty trucks and SUVs. 50 gallons for the kitchen sink and 55 gallons for the bathroom. We have one, but we will have to pay up front and get reimbursed from Grand Design. We mean that literally — they’re built in. We felt we deserved to know what was going on with our $126,000 unit. Rear awning would not extend fully day I bought and had to take camper back month later. Generator may have varnished carb. Some small and some major. It only 'looks' like floor boards. When we had a problem in and out. This has been an amazing toy hauler that we will keep for years to come. Login Logoff (817) 678-5133 4319 N Main St Cleburne, TX 76033. Overall we like our 399TH and we accept some of the simple fixes that usually come with a new camper. Call for Price 2020 Grand Design Solitude. (Generator will not operate when the fuel tank is less than ¼ full). The Grand Design Momentum is one of our many dealership locations. Stay tuned to find out why....... 7/29/19 - We have not had a good experience. The date was delayed due to Covid-19 and delayed again due to a shortage of tractor trailer drivers, right! Compare Compare. Well to start off the sold me this used Reflections, by Grand Design. Hi all! Hapijack beds are missing the support legs everyone was bragging about being able to get parts from grand design 3 months no legs, still can't use the beds. Asking all friends and family to share this post *PLEASE HELP* We need this to go viral. Check to see if there is water in the tank, or if air collected in the hot water heater. 2021 Grand Design Imagine $37,783 Color PEBBLE Engine N/A Miles … Verify that refrigerator is plugged into the 120-volt outlet. Check the fuses (2) at the converter (either 35a or 40a). Turn power jack switch to ON. 2018 Grand Design Momentum $67,500 Color White, Silver, Grey, Blue Engine N/A Miles N/A - Stock #229847 - SALE PENDING Room for you and your toys! By this we know we paid full price. See more ideas about grand designs, rv decor, design. The only time they work properly is on a flat level surface without the leveling jacks extended(like at an RV show)! Radio not working?Few other things that quality control didn't see. Have a qualified RV technician check the fuses in the black electrical box on the rear of the refrigerator. Disclaimer: In general, this forum is intended to be a place for Grand Design owners to gather and exchange ideas regarding their use of and experiences with Grand Design products. Our new Reflection Travel Trailer RV is super light on mass, but super heavy on amenities! In fact, there are so many issues with our brand new Grand Design Momentum 399TH that I intended to launch a full internet campaign against Lazy Days RV and Grand Design RV. 14' of cargo for all those BIG 4 … The Grand Design Momentum is one of our many dealership locations. Remove the obstruction. Contact a dealer or qualified RV technician if problem is not resolved. Remove anything that is stored in furnace compartment that could block airflow. I won't detail what was/is wrong with our Momentum but I will tell you this...none of it is major. But, we are realistic. We have been full time for over two year, first in our Grand Design Solitude 375 and now our Grand Design Momentum 399 and absolutely love the 399 and the room, features, and comfort. 11. Grand Design RV Owners with Issues has 7,104 members. I need to stand on a stool or use a pole to push the bed up while putting the pin in. Love our toyhauler have had 4 others before this different companies. UPDATE 8/29/19 - This is no longer a 'bad experience'. 3. Clear debris from and around valve O-ring set. Have the gas system checked immediately and leakage source corrected by your dealer or a qualified service center before using again. One of the things that drew us to GD was their "comprehensive final finish inspection". Electric fireplace crack - this is supposed to be a "luxury" RV. XLS welcomes even more of today’s medium duty trucks and SUVs. so those of you who wanna do the Avs motorcycles motocross, you can fill the tank up full pump station with the gauge and everything. Blown fuse. Ridiculous! Based in rural Indiana, Grand Design RV is focussing its attention on Fifth Wheels and Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers that are … Have the pump checked by your dealer or a qualified RV technician. Grand Design Momentum 376TH (Toy Hauler) Tour - Full Time RVThis is such a great option for any RVer who wants to bring along their toys. Come in and see how great this toy hauler is. The dealer is currently looking at that. Continue this flushing process for approximately five (5) minutes allowing ample time for the fresh water to agitate the stagnant water on the bottom of the tank and force the deposits through the drain opening. Generator may be out of fuel. So far, GD has done that. Bad connections at TV or wall plate. So when you are dry camping which we do a lot of the bathroom grey water tank is full and the kitchen grey water tank is empty. Knowledge Center; Featured. So we waited for those to all be fixed! OF COURSE WE HAVE!! We bought this fall of 2018, we have owned three or four different RVs. Check 7-way plug for good connection. The quality inspection we don't believe was completed by the dealer. The optional stairs for the ramps have been useless for us. Maybe not false advertising but sure is misleading. 2. We paid for a king bed upgrade and it’s a fake king and a terrible cheap foam mattress. Check for buildup in tank at stool. We have yet to find an area that once you get leveled the stairs will reach the ground, even with the legs fully extended(see pic). The Grand Design Momentum toy hauler incorporates extreme play into extraordinary living! 7. Start the unit before the day gets too hot. Breaker may be off or tripped inside power center. New campsite reservations made and Oh also new appointments made to register vehicles in Florida. Possible loss of ground. When it comes to buying from Grand Design forget about your warranty it is useless. We have to pull water from the tanks to heat it. For your 2017 Grand Design Momentum that has a Lippert 1621 pin box the best upgrade we have is the Trailair Flexair part # LC328492. Paid to cancel campsite again and got new DMV appointments! 11333 County Road 2 In either case, with the drain valve open, the air pressure will force the remaining water out of the tank. Quick Info. 14. New 2021 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 21G. Manufacture I am ashamed. Approximately two quarts of water will remain in the bottom of the tank. This is our third toy hauler (so that folks know we are not new to the RV game). Poor manufacturing quality. Grand Design seems to have struck a good chord with a quality build plus livability and a pleasant aesthetic. We actually ended up getting it on 7/15 and dropping it off at another business to put the stackable washer and dryer in as they were $1,000 less than what Campers Inn was charging. Make no mistake, as soon as you drive your pride and joy off the lot, the dealership is done with you. This is a Brand New 2021 Grand Design Momentum 21G. The indication on the service report is that Grand Design (mfr) 'suggested' (see photo #15) "...rebuilding frame adjusting door to fit". Contact your dealer if the problem persists. We purchased this RV because we wanted opposing couches, along with a dinning table and large kitchen. Grand Design RVs. Home . 13. I will see this through no matter the cost. Reset breaker if necessary. "Cheap, Cheap!" After many calls to Campers Inn, a serviceman gave us an appointment to bring it in. the first problem was they advertised it as a 2017 when in fact it was a 2016. Grand Design Momentum G-Class toy hauler 21G highlights: Queen Bed Slide; Double Entry Bath; Euro Chairs; Ramp Door/Patio; Fuel Station You don't have to rough it with all the amenities in this unit including your own private bedroom with a walk-around queen bed slide out and access to the dual entry bathroom. I hope this doesn't continue. If you looking for a high end Toy Hauler look at a different brand stay away from Grand Design. Let's just say that THAT process clearly needs some work. But the dealer you buy from makes a BIG difference. Check all connections with leak detector solution. They should of put switches in too , because when the one control quits you can’t do anything. Battery condition may be low. If you notice during the draining that the water is flowing sporadically or slowly, instead of flowing freely, you should open your relief valve to allow air into the tank. Clean and flush tank using four parts vinegar mixed to two parts water. We were told by the salesman that it takes 6-8 weeks for delivery. Look closely at the attached pictures (pictures not available on this site). The side porch stair mounts were not measured properly and the stairs will not mount evenly because of them. Momentum Toy Haulers by Grand Design RV are priced to move at ExploreUSA RV Supercenters in Boerne, San Antonio and Seguin Texas. Based in rural Indiana, Grand Design RV is focussing its attention on Fifth Wheels and Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers that are … However, it seems like we have a list that wouldn't exist with proper QC: The worst RV we have ever owned! What we did differently this time was made sure everything about the toy hauler worked for US. Elkins, WV 26241 (176 miles away) 0 0. We ignored all the bells and whistles when walking through the campers we looked at and focused on whether or not this camper would accommodate our needs. See photos #3 & 4. Converter is overheating. The pressboard is frayed. After waiting the 6-8 weeks we called the salesman to see what was happening. the front underbelly fell off at 100 miles from the dealer, when I went to repair it found wires pinched against the frame. Trade in your old model toward a brand new RV, including a huge selection of toy haulers from brands like Keystone RV, Heartland, Forest River and more! It is literally a roll of felt that isn't even cut to fit the garage(see pic)! Have a qualified RV technician make sure the burner jets or burners are not dirty or damaged. Sliding door to the side porch is not square and the door doesn't close flush. Extinguish any open flames, pilot lights and all smoking material. If air pressure is unavailable, you may flush your tank with fresh water. It may also be applied through the relief valve port. Any information contained in the forum should be independently verified by checking with Grand Design, one of its authorized dealers, or reviewing your owner’s manual. Our retirement dream has turned into a nightmare. This allowed us to adjust the air at night, turn on exterior and interior lights, water pump, etc... from anywhere around the RV. Interior Lights (2) Lights Flicker. We did run into the gas heat not working constantly when there is snow on the roof. We have offered to bring it to the manufacturer in Indiana to get it fixed and we were told they wouldn’t be able to get us in until sometime in September.I wish we had read the reviews on this design! Grand Design recommended Pleasureland in Ramsey, Mn. Close door and turn timer ON. You can explore during any season you choose with the Insulation Package that includes a heated and enclosed underbelly with suspended tanks, a high-capacity furnace, a moisture barrier floor … We had first seen the fifth wheel camper that we loved at an Atlanta RV show about 2-3 years ago. Favorite. The main bathroom shower leaked bad they caulked the weep holes shut and caulked the wrong side of the track. Remove any obstruction over furnace exhaust. 2019 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 21G RVs For Sale: 4 RVs - Find 2019 Grand Design Momentum G-Class 21G RVs on RV Trader. Would like too see switches with the one control, would be a good system . The lighter G-Class Fifth Wheel series is built without surrendering any of the legendary quality, innovation, and functionality Momentum owners have come to love.

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