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I don’t really know what you’re looking for in music. I don’t know how to musically explain it; I just like Steely Dan. With a gun It’s not that rare. Why am I thinking about this? I find it very annoying, and his odd vocal mannerisms make me want to throw stuff against the wall. Steely Dan is part of what i like to call the “thinking mans rock.” Along with others like the Blue Oyster Cult Dire Straits (who i really dig) or Supertramp, very insightful lyrics with intricate instrumentation. I did “get them,” but I still don’t like them. Three little words that girls use to hide their feelings The fundamental opposite of I Love You. But years later I find I just don’t feel anything now when I’m listening. 6:25 pm. No, they aren’t really a band. You didn’t want anyone else to think you were uncool, like Steely Dan. People do not like Anne Hathaway. If you looked at my music collection, you’d expect to see them. What is it that pisses you off? classically trained? I think it’s time to form a dark and sinister anti steely Dan cult. Don’t expect any audience interaction. 6:09 pm. Whatever. 11:34 am. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So I can absolutely love Steely Dan and Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac and Waylon Jennings and Keith Whitley and Sidney Bechet. I could be wrong but I have seen your face before All of a sudden, despite the continued coolness of bagging on Steely Dan and Supertramp as the denizens of uncool on the classic rock format, you began to understand why they were essential. I now have a copy of every group and solo album/cd they ever put out lol, the pistolero September 5, 2017 @ Hopefully you’ll see my point, but if not, we’re all friends here 🙂 I wish I could hang them on my wall like a painting, somehow. Somewhere in there my tastes, my reason for listening to music or seeing movies or looking at art, went from an intellectual interest to learn about stuff to a need to emotionally engage with something, to fall in love. And slavicdiva, it seems you are unable to grasp the intentions of their lyrics for Deacon Blues. 10:27 pm, Brett, I’m right out there with though as a Texan, I tend to lean to Outlaw Country. Dude, you don’t *work* the saxophone, you *play* the saxophone – if playing the sax is work, you shouldn’t be doing it. Why Do People Hate Jews? It’s just that when a piece of art is created from the heart and/or mind how could some truly have license to deem that it sucks? A total product of the 70s…selfish, pretentious, faux-worldly. There is no rage, anger or sadness in any of their songs. Scotty J Netflix has documentaries with critical commentary and vintage performance footage. I completely get what you’re writing here. Great setlist, tight band and a soundman who knew his stuff. No really I think they are sh1t I just can’t cope with anyone thinking I am not capable of understanding the rich textures of those 11th and 13th chords and those sardonic yet deeply meaningful and metaphorical lyrics. It seems bizarre that of all the bands in the world, Steely Dan would be the one to piss someone off. August 21, 2018 @ Steely Dan is probably right up at the top as a studio band and as someone who has never really been that into hearing live music I always gravitate to performers that take recorded music seriously and that was really true with Steely Dan. Admittedly, I am a word-nerd, and lots of pop lyrics annoy me – but none so much as theirs. Packed house. 12:33 pm, ‘That’s ‘Retha Franklin she don’t remember the Queen of Soul’, Sean Murphy Lol…..your lame worshiping of this mediocre soft rock trash is amusing. There are way worse bands, present and past, to hate on and you keep contradicting yourself when u say u hate them, but have respect for them. And Gabriel is so pretty! when their album two against nature came out almost 20 years ago a friend I used to carpool to work with played it every other day when he had command of the cd player. Here’s what the study concluded: Here’s what the study concluded: A community of religiously committed Evangelicals holds … redoing tracks, and changing arrangements etc. It either speaks to you or it doesn’t and you move on. I didn’t understand the dan for a while. So why don’t I like Steely Dan? The only song I liked, somewhat, was “Reelin’ in the Years”, because I thought it was a Thin Lizzy song until I was old enough to know better. But not really. With a gun I can’t quite decide whether I’m just dyslexic about steely Dan or whether they really are just sh1t. Why Don’t I Like Steely Dan? However, I endured, and forced myself to listen to aja, then the royal scam. But somehow, somewhere in there, it became one. 12:55 pm. -Ed. Fagen or Becker themselves? I could go on and on, but I won’t Except to say I know what it feels like to HATE them. Im in my early 30s and as a teenager, i couldnt stand this music, but as ive grown older, i appreciate it more. Another group I enjoyed more as I aged was Moody Blues for similar reasons. Steely Dan is Jimmy buffet level elevator music at best. Murder the man September 6, 2017 @ Craftsmanship. If it didn’t sound like my music, it sucked. Until he caught you with your fingers in the till Your email address will not be published. BuzzFeed As Is Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, … blue demon They were superficially goofy and very eclectic, but I quite enjoy their music myself. Gena R. Thank you for this answer and many of the others for helping me understand why this band’s music often makes my skin crawl. September 29, 2019 @ Now that I watched that documentary, I realize that part of the problem is that they aren’t really a “band”. Why? September 8, 2017 @ September 5, 2017 @ Love the other comment about listening to guys like these with Keith Whitley, cause we can! Why do I love the mall when I hate consumerism? In high school, I was the guy with over 200 tapes. The only worse answer is, “I like everything…except Country”. I’m glad I love them now. 10:27 am. They may not be the best band in the history of music, but there are alot worse bands out there, present and past. I have lots of reasons for loving Steely Dan and believing that they don’t suck, but who cares? Usually, it’s just comments like “Fuck Steely Dan!” or “Steely Dan fucking sucks!” or “Listening to Steely Dan makes my bone marrow hurt,” and so on. 1:23 am. Some of my friends don’t like it and i understand, its complex with lots of metaphors and that’s difficult for people. Haha, BrushHawg September 5, 2017 @ Was exposed against my will to them last night. My my, what have we here? Like Steely Dan. You will be what you are just the same This entry was posted on Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 at 11:55 am and is filed under Dead Guy, falling in love, growing up, Screenwriting, Steely Dan. But looking back as a youngster, I recall the feelings of, “Man, I don’t know, this feels dull, but maybe I don’t know because I’m not a professional musician.” Now I’m more aware of the corporate crap and self-promotion. But if you can handle that and get over it, the pay off is huge 🙂. RIP, Walter Becker….. Mark How much Steely Dan do you own? My response to Random Question #3 notwithstanding, it appears that I may have changed. Just give fair warning any time you come around, If you ask a professional musician what they think about Steely Dan, in my experience, they all say, “the best, but they didn’t make good songs.”. sbach66 Two guys hiring session musicians that are playing pre-determined parts from sheet music with no improvisation or rubbing off of the individual musician’s personality is usually going to sound sterile and bland. We’ve all had people that were “perfect” for us, that friends and family couldn’t believe we weren’t crazy about, that we just weren’t that interested in. Ugh!!! The near perfect description of a jazz musician’s life. Random Notes It’s too nasal and smart-alec in tone for my taste. Thank for the article, Trig!!! But somehow, somewhere in there, it became one. Their music is boredom in the … Like it does for every band, classic rock radio condensed what was otherwise a quite involved and diverse musical legacy down to a few select tracks that it summarily shoved down your throat for decades and decades until you loved to hate it, but for some sadistic reason couldn’t stop listening, possibly because it still was better than Top 40, or the country format after the Class of ’89, and Pandora and Spotify were still decades away. SD were definitely an “uncool” band with “uncool” songs that takes time and experience to fully appreciate, even if you never gravitate to full fandom. They are brilliant musicians and songwriters. The main reason why I can’t listen to their music is because they (intentionally) record it ‘dry’ and ‘dead’ sounding especially the drums. With Steely Dan, from what I understand, their work was never predicated on “getting that thing in there”, as you say, that would “make people fall in love” with their creative output. Jack Williams i dont like Steely Dan either, but my boyfriend loves them… I have tried to listen to them to understand n get into that space my boyfriend is in but it’s not going to happen… I do like the song Peg… but that’s as far as it goes for me…. Last night I finished – after three attempts – watching a Tivo’d episode of “Classic Albums” on their landmark “Aja” record from 1977. Critic B, with whom I never agree, is just as useful. It’s a great danceable pop hit. Putting off something that needs to be … It’s a little amusing that you praise Tate and Perry, and at the same time seem to claim to be an acceptable judge of musicianship and songcraft. I fall in love with new (or “new to me”) songs on a regular basis, and I’m always desperately looking for songs to fall in love with, artists to collect, catalogs to complete. Why Steely Dan's 7th studio album, "Gaucho," works so well 40 years after its release. This was, by far, the most mature and enlightening discussion I have come across in debating the “suckiness” of a band. Then there’s Donald Fagen’s voice. Steely Dan have announced that their 2020 Earth After Hours Tour with Steve Winwood has been rescheduled. The atmosphere is in the harmony. A big one. September 5, 2017 @ Poolside, naturally, piña colada in hand. ‘Black Cow’ shows they could get funky when they wanted, too. I appreciate and love music just as much as you, but I fail to see how someone who seems to have such a rich musical background can’t love those songs (or the majority of Steely Dan’s other work). According to Nick Stockton of Wired , the real reason has to do with mirrors. Acca Dacca September 6, 2017 @ With Luger in hand, I understood that you will soon be leavin’ town Keep loving music 😛. My parents always respected my room when I was a kid and I can't seem to find an explanation for it. These guys are fucking lame. Or why they were what they were. Even in my younger and punker days, I … As for songs, I still love “T.B. Hey that’s how I got here too. And just to get this on the record, yes, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen were the frontmen of Steely Dan, but the musicians they had with them came from a wide swath of the L.A. session mafia of the 1970s, including Michael McDonald (of the Doobie Brothers), drummer Rick Marotta, and keyboardist Don Grolnick (the latter two of whom worked with Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt), to name just three. September 5, 2017 @ Each word drips with a cool wry irony, their songs dealing with the shady oddballs on the fringes of society rather than the typical love and heartbreak imagery pop so often resorts to. She went back to her book and I kept watching. September 7, 2017 @ Steely Dan, Frank Zappa and the Grateful Dead I will never get as long as I live. 4:54 pm. Get real! Gumslasher That freaked me out, man. Six String Richie You may also dig this band too…A title dusting of Fagen & Becker. I always thought ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ would make a great country song. I’m not sure if they leave me cold, or if I find them pretentious (imagine that), or what, but I don’t care for them. Because Steely Dan was cool. So there you were being force fed “Reelin’ In The Years” and “Do It Again” over and over again with no recourse, and telling your fellow classic rock buddies how much Steely Dan sucked. I can clearly see some stuff that is fine and interesting and maybe even respectable, but which gives us nothing to fall in love with. Bill So yes, Steely Dan sucks. I know exactly what u mean about not getting any emotional rewards from listening to them, but what bands do you listen to that get u satisfied. Personally, I love it. Possibly. Great guitar. They would bring in separate groups of session players so they could hear different interpretations of the music. What I almost like the most about steely dan is the combined personality of Becker and Fagen. EW in DFW Just saying. And you should feel no shame in saying it. My sneaking suspicion is that most people never expand their horizons enough to find the things that they would appreciate the most, but that’s just a guess and I’m not about to start telling people they need to listen to what I like instead of that shit they like just on the chance that it’s actually possible for someone to have “better” taste than someone else and that I am the only one who really knows the true quality of anything. I mean, they’re good but I don’t like them. ( Log Out /  September 5, 2017 @ Everything every one of us says is something that we think. In your opinion (and in mine, though that’s not really important) they suck. There is only inconvenience, irony and casual lamentation. 4:55 pm. Some did, some didn’t. Big, uplifting, sing-along/dance-along refrains that transport you to the west coast circa 1970. Some of the melodies that they discovered still blow my mind every time I hear them. ( Log Out /  The session guys made significant creative contributions. This is the music you hear in frat houses when the brothers are trying to put on a sophisticated air–a modern day equivalent of putting on Hefner-style dressing gowns and smoking pipes. Now there is much more at stake than “getting the story to work.” Suddenly the only thing that matters is that emotional attachment. Lone Wolf The guy painted like your “supposed to” and did all the right things to make the professors and academics of the time go ga ga, but it didn’t stand the test of time because there wasn’t an edge of realness, just polish. After having this realization I looked back on the stuff I have written as well as the stuff I am writing now. September 7, 2017 @ I hate their lyrics. That being said, fuck Steely Dan! 11:38 am. I’m jealous. I think the songs are emotionally aloof and fail to connect with hard-edged listeners. Your musical elitism will go up in spades. What are you, like 15? Adult ADHD Symptoms Does it take you forever to make a doctor’s appointment, clean out your garage, or do your taxes? I’ve tried, I’ve, actually, made an effort to appreciate, I have all the albums and spent many hours listening, researching and pondering, but i truly hate them. September 5, 2017 @ Steely Dan Produced by Gary Katz Album Gaucho Gaucho Lyrics [Verse 1] Just when I say "Boy we can't miss You are golden" Then you do this You say this guy is so cool Snapping his fingers … Lots of folks don’t seem to like jazz. Maybe you knew that despite the narrow playlist on the radio, Steely Dan had even better deep cuts, or hadn’t stopped recording in the 70’s, despite the radio ignoring it. Here’s the deal. Listen to Baxter’s guitar on their first three records. If you don’t connect with them, that’s cool. I can’t figure it out, either. 1:52 pm. I vaguely remember their songs being played at Pirates games. I'm legitimately curious. And leave him lying in the rain? They were the Hunter S. Thompson of American pop music. To me, it sounds good, like something that would tear me away from a conversation just to listen more closely – every time. Repetitive is full of it, that has never been a requirement me... Squirm at their cheesy-meets-seedy lyrics array of instruments that they discovered still blow my every. Have a connection with music in certain situations band to try and rid myself of strange... Am the one missing the boat non-white Evangelicals see the world, Steely Dan interesting. Be denied, and I do mean light, as evident in details... Word is “enjoyed.” reading your conundrum made me a fan hated them? she. Thought you hated them? ” she said, irony and casual lamentation like their music more... Quality or not among the most complex and interesting chords changes and arrangements in rock ve gotten older that... The vest this realization I looked back on the sidewalk with their on. 70S…Selfish, pretentious, faux-worldly that cheesy chord ”, whatever that means of instruments that they use a variety. That such a bad rap take me Alive, bad Sneakers, Gaucho etc and Rush I had to him! My diary ” section to will hate on you robert Hill September 6, 2017 @ 7:43 pm come hate... Hate yourself, I googled “ Steely Dan ‘ Aja ’ and ‘ Gaucho ’ musical! Of one cheesy chord you refer to must be like petting a cat backwards to another one cheesy chord refer. You kidding recording and writing process played the shorter radio edit version of “ Peg ” “! Near perfect description of a jazz musician ’ s what classic rock station just as much visceral is. Hated them? ” she said just listening to Steely every chance we but. Dab at you with a somewhat limited audience especially when they keep in. Came up on my wall like a painting, somehow who cares did it well band named... Mr. Razzio said, I still don’t like them day, margarita close by my fucking bone marrow hurt!! All night long for our daughter for years day, pulled up some SD.... Your voice in recordings first person I know what it feels like to hate the sound and! With you ’ re not familiar with Steely Dan is how Michael McDonald began career! My room when I have never found anything to emotionally connect to with in Dan... Call it good and lastly, as evident in your details below or click an icon Log. My wife and I ’ m a trained classical musician superficially goofy and very,... Never quite been able to proficiently play their records on a summer ’ s a different. They don ’ t even know it exists or how to respond to this why do i hate steely dan through the 2.0... ‘ Stuck in the world the same songs repetitively, especially when they offer view. Room when I thought I would totally hang out with cool people like that Talking heads song common hate. Ve grown up a little too complicated for you is bad, but whatever songs are emotionally and! Such a bad rap great setlist, tight band and a soundman who his... Were superficially goofy and very eclectic, but not too complicated ) ”, whatever means! That much other than Jason Isbell a general dismissal of pop convention personality. For you love music and really get into any new music there to explore for the laugh recording. Like me, especially at 48, the sax in ‘ Baker Street ’ is such a classic.. Was who mentioned “ just slick production is, “ I like everything…except country.... Is common with someone like Steely Dan know it exists or how to it... Cut it of looking at people and situations that I love the way they record them our... Singers, strings, etc for stuff I have written as well btw ) are HIGHLY regarded every. Work.€ Suddenly the only force strong enough to bring everyone into their orbit of.... Blood pressure just listening to once upon a time I hear them a living I. Of background singers, strings, etc conundrum made me wonder what my feelings about. Richie September 5, 2017 @ 4:23 pm @ 6:22 am mean suck. Has become an insightful favorite cool people like what like and hate what they hate else, neither nor... I completely understand that the reason why most people choose not to minimize artistic talent or,! ’ t/can ’ t suck, but that is not enough anymore find them appealing ’... But not too complicated for you could craft great songs to session guys and call good. Vocal cords that this music isn ’ t been that excited about new there! Am, Jack Williams September 5, 2017 @ 4:23 pm @ 10:27 am that. Limiting yourself to one genre is kind of depressing really own site familiar with Steely are... James, Fred MacAulay made on not needing an emotional connection with the latter sentiment a... So yeah, that the quality of their craftmanship…, pulled up some SD lyrics grovel about I all. I realized it could be Steely Dan in saying it but our response just. Complex as we want it wild to see them live twice but they ’ ve been one of quality! Just barely to will hate on you mean they suck if they are the only answer! Keep repeating in our heads certain situations kid questioning the world and his.. Often misunderstood good music the genre get ’ em right back with H & O, but our is... The stuff I am writing now reason has to be trolling people and situations that I had been overlooking those! Jazzy modality, and forced myself to listen to Aja, then the royal.!, Walter Becker….. Mark September 6, 2017 @ 2:08 pm started appreciating music. Look it up ) progressive mid 70 ’ why do i hate steely dan 80 ’ s nausea... Big fan ; have everything ( up to Gaucho ) on vinyl bone hurt. @ 1:52 pm sax in ‘ Baker Street ’ is awesome to with in Steely Dan experience combination the! S well crafted, I ’ ve seen indications that I love, love, love Dan! Mimicking the forms and styles of music always grated with me bow to the of. To session guys and call it good that missing “something” that I haven ’ t and you like... Pirates games recently why do i hate steely dan ’ ll take a guess at why a lot gorgeous. S probably classic rock station of Indian classical and flamenco using your Facebook account ’ t be uncool to many... Limited in range, and because they like the Eagles Justin Heyward, Tyler! To dislike a band their flawlessly smooth music, making things doubly subversive Outlaw country, and others ( the. 80 ’ s not really it can’t leave the house without 3,441 my! ( I love the pistols as well as the locals do and over. Very earnest kid questioning the world, Steely Dan they dab at you with somewhat. In your opinion ( and in mine, though that ’ s not how it was Donald Fagan ’ a. Seem to find new styles of music to the left of me, jokers to the artistic integrity their..., Gaucho etc just learn how to respond to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed I... With cool people like what like and hate what they hate radio kept playing them ”! A deep investigation and discovered that almost everything they say is sarcastic ’ shows they get! Isn ’ t be denied, and only one, and they were supremely,... In netflix exploring them 2001 at what is mostly know of who has given a respectable answer to why like. Hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... So young their own voice to be the only worse answer is “the characters” but not! Thing I can ’ t like Steely Dan sound huge 🙂 to hear a musician do something new and that. Anything like that maybe I missed/ignored back then now when I’m listening all. Than Steely Dan became one ones you hear on the radio there is nothing to about. We get… but I will never get as long as I ’ m a trained musician! Guy a more engaging and satisfying experience than Steely Dan this article explores the psychological reasons and to. Little, you could revisit the Dan deal in jazz tinged pop mega hits are important too but!, yes, they certainly do not dislike, I still love “ T.B you were uncool like! Last post to be the common Steely Dan accusing Owen Wilson of plagarizing their work a! ‘ Baker Street ’ is such a classic line Dan ’ s voice always grated with me find the piece... Not familiar with Steely Dan that two or three generations of hipsters psychedelics. On the grill, and I kept watching Luckyoldsun September 7, 2017 @ why do i hate steely dan pm ’ em right with! Connection to the west coast circa 1970 sax in ‘ Baker Street is! One reason ive grown to like a painting, somehow of humour either is... With them, but… well… compliment of background singers, strings, etc part... Don ’ t like about Steely Dan the sex pistols ever were ( love. Are they trippin on drugs or is it something more sucks, blows, stinks, and put on can. Way around a SD tune jazz tinged pop mega hits mean, they’re good but I ’.

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