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My dog (two year old miniature chihuahua) usually loves to be picked up and held, but lately whenever I pick him up he yelps as though he is in pain. She has been eating and has had normal bowel movements. does your chihuahua seem to be in pain when petting him or her? by Katie Bailey (Hot Springs, Arkansas) I have a healthy 3 year old female miniature pomeranian. Posted : 1/4/2007 8:12:34 PM. He runs, jumps and plays on it just fine with my two other dogs. He continues to cry for a few seconds once he stops yelping. I've examined him and do not see any injuries. Pom yelping when being picked up. When your dog yelps and there is no sign of injury on him, then it can be awfully alarming. I've moved each of his legs individually and then pet him all over and nothing seems to hurt until I go to pick him up. All they can find is slightly elevated liver enzymes. Once the cause of your dog's pain is determined, treatment will be implemented to treat the condition as well as the pain. He's in pain, but not constantly because he's fine most of the time, then he just yelps and runs to me for help. I have a 8 month old chihuahua who yelps really loud if you pick him up a certain way. But there are plenty more. When we touch his stomach & back area he'll whimper, whine, yelp, or move away. Chihuahua crying out in pain, but perfectly fine... barby . All dog owners should know the basic signs of anxiety in a dog : avoidance, struggling, averting his gaze, licking his lips, "half-moon eye" or showing the whites of his eyes, and yawning are just a few. It Finds the Way You Pick Them Up Painful. Treatment for Arched Back Or Tucked Up Abdomen. I have a little Chihuahua around 5 yeas old and is 4 pounds. Clearly, yelping or growling are obvious signs of discomfort in a pet. When we are at the vets she doesn’t act in pain. Another reason your dog yelps when you pick them up could be because its painful for them. We’ve taken her to the vet twice. But he's now yelping and he even does it in his sleep or even when no one's touching him. This is the first Pom I’ve ever owned so I’m still very new with learning about this breed. We noticed 2 days ago that when we try to pick up my 6 year old Chihuahua he yelps in pain & he doesn't jump up on the couches or the bed because its too painful for him. She started acting different about 5 days ago when she stopped playing, making high pitched yelps when she was picked up at certain times in different ways, but not always. This just started last week and now he sometimes picks up his back leg. additional tests may be necessary to find out what the problem is, but the answers to the above questions can greatly narrow the area of concern. 4) Being in Pain or Discomfort It’s very heartbreaking for you to see your dog yelping in pain. It may mean that he is bloated or that he might have eaten something that is causing his stomach to be upset. I am not sure if he's hurt or if he's just yelping. As you would with a puppy, patiently get them used to your handling them. by supplying the answers these questions, your veterinarian will be in a much better position to help your chihuahua. Ive tried gently pressing/stoking around his back/chest/feet/ evrywhere really to see if he reacts but he doesn't. My Chihuahua has been in pain for 4 days. Dogs that have just been adopted may also react like this when picked up. ... She's able to jump up , she runs to door to go out but only walk few minutes then sits till I pick her up.ive picked her up and she streaks but vet couldn't find anything.. She's not eating or drinking.. She keeps shrieking out of no where.. About 4 days ago, my Pom started yelping when attempting to pick her up. If this is a sudden development, and there’s no possibility that your dog recently had someone drop them (thus creating a new fear of being carried), you need to take them to the vet as soon as possible to rule out any issues. ... when I reached to pick her up she yelps in pain, have taken to vet ,xrays ok ,also blood work okay, had a small temp. Maybe he has swallowed something that is inedible.

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