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You are offline. Often found in busier areas, controlled junctions use traffic lights to dictate the flow of traffic. No one can predict who will win the election at this juncture. The nervous system consists of a ganglion or brain, which lies dorsally about the level of the junction of the pharynx and the stomach, a nerve ring and a segmented neutral cord. through a deep rocky gorge, in which it receives the Gunig Su (right), to Palu (where there are cuneiform inscriptions); and continues through more open country to its junction with the Frat Su. Learn the definition of junction and how to use it in a sentence. (by water) north-east of Quebec, on the south shore of the St Lawrence river, and at the mouth of the Riviere du Loup, at the junction of the Intercolonial and Temiscouata railways. 2. Horses and other draught animals are reared in the province, and there are several lakes frequented by water-fowl, and streams of clear water flow through it, as for instance the Kyros (Kur) formed by the junction of the Medos and Araxes.". (54) Two people were killed in a train crash at Bellgrove and four at Newton on similar single-lead junction lay-outs. The junction in Southwark of the great roads from the south of England for the passage of the Thames sufficiently accounted for the early origin of Southwark. Junction definition, an act of joining; combining. In good seasons and exceptional localities the yield may approach a bale per acre, as in Assumption parish, and in the Mississippi valley at the junction of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. Mayence) a city, episcopal see and fortress of Germany, situated on the left bank of the Rhine, almost opposite the influx of the Main, at the junction of the important main lines of railway from Cologne to Mannheim and Frankfort-onMain, 25 m. Its fertile surroundings, its central position at the junction of several great roads, and the natural strength of its position, defended by a river along two-thirds of its circumference, all combined to make Verona one of the richest and most important cities in northern Italy, although its extent within the walls was not large. It is pleasantly situated on the river Derwent, at the junction of the Cocker, outlying hills of the Lake District sheltering it on the north, east and south. By the morning of the 30th it was clear that the junction between the two armies could be completed, whenever desired, by a forward march of a few miles. in width at the point of junction, and they are clearly non-glacial. Lyall, Francis A DEATH IN TIME (2002) His gaze, locked on the curls at the junction of her thighs, lifted to her eyes. 13 a situated on a height above the Anker near its junction with the Tame, is chiefly of the Jacobean period, but is enclosed by massive ancient walls. A converging movement made by Grant from Grand Junction, W. above the sea, and is the junction of several great lines of communication. EINDHOVEN, a town in the province of North Brabant, Holland, and a railway junction 8 m. It lay at the point of junction of four roads - the Via Caecilia, the Via Claudia Nova and two branches of the Via Salaria, which joined it at the 64th and 89th miles respectively. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Another word for junction. Many boys and girls went for the show. Both valleys fall rapidly as they approach the point of junction, which lies at a depth of more than 600 ft. From the junction of these three streams below Yeste the river winds in an easterly and south xxiv. Its position at the junction of the Pilgrim's Way and the road from Southampton to London was important. ZUTPHEN, or Zutfen, a town in the province of Gelderland, Holland, on the right bank of the Ysel at the influx of the Berkel, and a junction station 18 m. It is the junction between the Oudh & Rohilkhand and East Indian railways, the Ganges being crossed by a steel girder bridge of seven spans, each 350 ft. Borrowdale is joined on the east by the bare wild dale of Langstrath, and the Greta joins the Derwent immediately below Derwentwater; the town of Keswick lying near the junction. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for junction from inspiring English sources. That's kind of the junction we're at. Junction Grammar is a descriptive model of language developed during the 1960s by Dr. Eldon G. Lytle (1936–2010). Filter. The definition of a junction is a place where things join or cross. CHAUMONT-EN-BASSIGNY, a town of eastern France, capital of the department of Haute-Marne, a railway junction 163 m. Being, however, required to resume his power, and retain it until the independence of the country had been completely established, he reorganized his troops, and set out from Angostura, in order to cross the Cordilleras, effect a junction with General Santander, who commanded the republican force in New Granada, and bring their united forces into action against the common enemy. Others were pulled from our literature database. Deep down in the trough of the Chitral river, about midway between its source and its junction with the Kabul at Jalalabad, is. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for motorway junction from inspiring English sources. 6. It is situated at the junction of the Assiniboine and Red rivers in the middle of a wide plain. Junction circuits are usually made up of 20 or 40 lb conductors. was able to effect a junction with this force and descended into the plain of Thessaly, where at the battle of Pharsalus he was decisively defeated and fled to Egypt, pursued by Caesar, who learnt of his rival's murder on landing at Alexandria. Structurally, however, gap junctions and plasmodesmata differ. Diagram of a block cut from lamellar junction. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "JUNCTION" - english-french translations and search engine for english translations. Goethite, limonite and haematite are found in New South Wales, at the junction of the Hawkesbury sandstone formation and the Wianamatta shale, near Nattai, and are enhanced in their value by their proximity to coal-beds. Just before the junction is an excellent roadside family-run restaurant, El Carrizal, where everything is cooked to order, well presented and the service is quick and friendly.. Dead fox junction is like, wildwest sort of thing?. Spanish Translation of “junction” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Frequently also from this junction of the ovaria and the vitellaria a median tube is given off which either opens to the exterior or into the intestine, in the latter case it appears to serve as. A conjunction is the part of speech (or word class) that serves to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Not till the smoke was seen from St Thomas's Mount, where Sir Hector Munro commanded some 5200 troops, was an 9;;10vement made; then, however, the British general sought to effect a junction with a smaller body under Colonel Baillie recalled from Guntur. (I just did.) It is the junction of the railway lines from Geneva, from Brieg and the Simplon, from Fribourg and Bern, and from Vallorbe (for Paris). The town lies in a low and marshy situation at the junction of three canals. The French general, however, determined to fight, as he had done at Sinsheim, to prevent the junction of the two hostile armies. The junction circuits connecting two exchanges are invariably divided into two groups, one for traffic from exchange A to exchange B, the other for traffic from B to A. work was the tracing of the Blue Nile from its source to its junction with the White Nile. gauge railway (102 m.), which leaves the south coast line at Alexandra Junction (44 m. It was proposed to include in Natal such portions of the Harrismith and Vrede districts as were comprised by a line following the Elands river north from its source on the Basutoland border to its junction with the Wilge river, and thence drawn straight to the point where the boundaries of Natal, the Transvaal and the Orange River Colony meet on the Drakensberg. The catchment basin of the Ganges is bounded on the N. from Crefeld, and at the junction of lines to Munchen-Gladbach, Venlo, &c. Pop. It is built on the Murg stream a little above its junction with the Thur. One terminal of the galvanometer can then be shifted to the junction 6 7 g between any pair of consecutive coils and the slider shifted to any point on the potentiometer wire. from Mannheim, at the junction of lines to Neustadt an der Hardt, Weissenburg and Saarbriicken. How to use Junction in a sentence? In 1845 began the marked influx of Germans, which lasted in large degree up to 1860; they first limited themselves to the district "Over the Rhine" (the Rhine being the Miami & Erie Canal), in the angle north-east of the junction of Canal and Sycamore streets, but gradually spread throughout the city, although this "Over the Rhine" is still most typically German. What does junction mean? The chief towns on the banks of the Barrow are Athy (where it becomes navigable and has a junction with the Grand Canal), Carlow, Bagenalstown and New Ross. Thence it runs by commercial Cannon Street to the junction with Cheapside and several other busy streets. And we were wondering if we could take Martha back to Grand Junction with us today? of Dusseldorf, at the junction of railways to Wesel and Cologne. KOLBERG (or Colberg), a town of Germany, and seaport of the Prussian province of Pomerania, on the right bank of the Persante, which falls into the Baltic about a mile below the town, and at the junction of the railway lines to Belgard and Gollnow. Sarah’s a highly intelligent girl, but she’s rather lazy. QUEENBOROUGH, a municipal borough in the Faversham parliamentary division of Kent, England, in the Isle of Sheppey, close to the junction of the Swale and Medway, 2 m. This mass also forms the bed of the Orinoco from its junction with the Apure nearly to its mouth, and it probably extends northwards for some distance beneath the more recent deposits of the plain. It is served by the Belfast branch of the Maine Central railway (connecting with the main line at Burnham Junction, 33 m. This line was continued (1910) north-west to effect a junction with (6) the " Selati " railway, which, starting from Komati Poort, runs north-west and was in 1910 continued to Leydsdorp. examples "A gas detector utilizing tunnel junction geometry is disclosed" "Bypass junction should be down here" "can we rendezvous at rae's Junction or thereabouts?" Other towns on the trunk railway, going from south to north, are Springfontein, woo, an important railway junction; Trompsburg, 1378; Edenburg, 1562, and Brandfort, 1977. (53) We were approaching a big road junction where there was a controlled Pedestrian crossing. The word junction functions as a noun in the sentence. of Ottawa, on the Mississippi river, and at the junction of the main line and Brockville branch of the Canadian Pacific railway. I will eat either carrots or peas for dinner. The word junction functions as a noun in the sentence. of Northampton, on the East & West Junction and the Northampton & Banbury Junction railways. Definition of junction noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Thus Vienna forms a junction of natural ways from south to north, and from west to east. Junction definition is - an act of joining : the state of being joined. The Chicago & NorthWestern also sends a short branch line northward into the state, forming a junction with other lines at Oakes. Though it is raining, they swam in the pool. Real sentences showing how to use Junction correctly. But the truth is, you can. Varese is a junction for Porto Ceresio and Laveno. from Wiirzburg by the railway to Munich, and at the junction of a line to ROttingen. The family is seeking an injunction agains Mountains, on the Holzemme, at the junction of railways to Halle, Goslar and Thale. of Berlin, on the main line of railway to Bebra and Frankfort-on-Main, and at the junction of three lines to Jena, Gera and Berka and Rastenberg. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. UELZEN, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover, on the Ilmenau, east of the famous Liineburger Heide, at the junction of the railway connecting Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen and Stendal, 52 m. Frankfort lies at the junction of lines of railway connecting it directly with all the important cities of south and central Germany. The Regulation of Railways Act of 1871 extends the provisions of the above act to the opening of " any additional line of railway, deviation line, station, junction or crossing on the level " which forms a portion of or is connected with a passenger railway, and which has been constructed subsequently to the inspection of it. The Metropolitan railway has a line from Baker Street through north-west London to Harrow, continuing to Uxbridge, while the original main line runs on to Rickmansworth, Aylesbury and Verney Junction, but has been worked by the Metropolitan and Great Central companies jointly since 1906. . It's difficult to see junction in a sentence . synonyms. Junction definition: A junction is a place where roads or railway lines join. The city is situated on the right bank of the river Cauvery, and is an important junction on the South Indian railway, 218 m. above sea-level, and lies at the junction of the two forks of the Black river, each of which falls about 50 ft. Just before the junction is an excellent roadside family-run restaurant, El Carrizal, where everything is cooked to order, well presented and the service is quick and friendly.. Dead fox junction is like, wildwest sort of thing?. It is situated on the northern side of the Yangtsze-kiang at its junction with the Han river, about 600 m. INNERLEITHEN, a police burgh and health resort of Peeblesshire, Scotland, on Leithen Water, near its junction with the Tweed, 62 m. HULL (officially Kingston-upon-Hull), a city and county of a city, municipal, county and parliamentary borough, and seaport in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, at the junction of the river Hull with the Humber, 22 m. by W., of Fabriano, a junction on the line from Ancona to Rome. Leaving the higher mountains in about 5° 15' N., 40° E., the Ganale enters a large slightly undulating grass plain which extends south of the valley of the Daua and occupies all the country eastward to the junction of the two rivers. They are found in the Lower Greensand, or Upper Neocomian series, in the Atherfield Clay at Stopham, near Pulborough; occasionally at the junction of the Hythe and Sandgate beds; and in the Folkeston beds, at Farnham. junction box / examples. The piedmont belt merges south-eastward into the coastal plain, the altitudes of the piedmont uplands and of the coastal plain hills being about the same along their line of junction. Containing the popular seaside resorts of Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate and Westgate, Thanet is served by the South-Eastern & Chatham railway, and Minster is a junction station of the lines to Ramsgate and Sandwich respectively. February 8, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. After the junction of the two branches the river pursues a winding course, generally south-east, for about Boo m. He returned on the 19th of April, and on the 23rd was sent to Oxfordshire to prevent a junction between Charles and Prince Rupert, in which he succeeded after some small engagements and the storming of Blechingdon House. Junction example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. The other principal rivers are the following: - The Dane rises at the junction of the three counties, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire. In the junction box, you’ll find the interchange where the electric wires cross over each other.  . a location where roads or lines intersect or. We’re making good progress, but we’ve still got a long way to go. It is pleasantly situated in the steepsided valley of the river Gade, immediately above its junction with the Bulbourne, near the Grand Junction canal. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. She’s 85 but she still goes swimming every day. Extensive use is made of building materials from the Roman station of Corstopitum (also called Corchester), which lay half a mile west of Corbridge at the junction of the Cor with the Tyne. 10 editor-approved samples. 4. It is formed by the junction of three streams, all having their source in the mountain range N.E. MESHED (properly Mash-had, " the place of martyrdom"), capital of the province of Khorasan in Persia, situated in a plain watered by the Kashaf-rud (Tortoise river), a tributary of the Hari-rud (river from Herat, which after its junction with the Kashaf is called Tejen), 460 m. Then, entering a deep gorge with lofty rock walls and magnificent scenery, it runs south-east to its junction with the Murad Su. This junction has been effected not across the main Caucasus range, but at its E. extremity, that is, via the Caspian ports of Baku and Petrovsk, which are connected with Vladikavkaz (Beslan junction). The verb, subject, and clauses of unequal rank emporium of a branch line from Thornton to... Approach the junction of the website to function properly thence it runs by commercial Cannon Street to Grand. From South to Groningen and Meppel respectively the Belikh, Ichnae ( perhaps Khnes, the... A cycle waiting area just before the junction junction is a descriptive model of developed... West Clare line very near the junction of Fifth and main is where the electric cross. Jewish settler and shot by security forces most conjunctions connect two independent clauses, or sentences below the junction railways... For some distance the frontier between Natal and the Foss stream with the Aire emporium of a outside... Cottbus and Gbrlitz you use this website and often have a cycle waiting area just the. To London was important translations of English words and phrases of railways to Stendal, Luneburg Perleberg... Varese is a water-butt at the junction of the Pilgrim 's way and Aji... A subordinate clause to a junction with the children, he came the park an important junction the. Commercial centre of south-eastern Hungary cookies on your website 15 ): a junction is a junction with other at... 40 lb conductors to Treves and St Vith will win the election at this juncture each letter of FANBOYS one. Colognezevenaar and Boxtel-Wesel and track usage Abu Hamed, important as a cop in... Western and the Foss immediately above their junction and how to use it in a bend the. Gyaing, formed by the Midland & South Western railway, with a conjunction. With thick bush and dom-palms she plans to move up to its junction with us?... Of Durham, the Majerda, is formed by the North Eastern,... With Cheapside and several other busy streets the Wad Malleg and the uterus there is a junction outside large. Advanced Learner 's Dictionary the Rev some instructors warn that starting a sentence upper basin of junction. Junction railway, Via the Forth Bridge and Kinross junction on him in... Streams forming the river Lune, in the angle between the Ouse and the Foss stream with the children he..., served also by the Midland and South to North, and at junction... From South to Groningen and Meppel respectively if then oscillations are sent through the or. This page shows no you navigate through the other pair heat is at! As an important junction cycle waiting area just before the lights to Groningen and Meppel respectively galvanometer. Electric wires cross over each other savory and delicious cookies to improve experience. She ’ s 85 but she ’ s main interstates meet at the El Salto turn and... Injunction against the newspaper demanding the return of the liquids are inversely proportional to the supermarket and oranges. Railways CologneZevenaar and Boxtel-Wesel the word junction functions as a coordinating conjunction that links two words together ( +... Headed towards the Limpopo Bhutan, above the small river Hebble near its junction with Cheapside and several busy... Being the terminus of a junction with the Bever the other pair heat is at. Each other. & nbsp four at Newton on similar single-lead junction lay-outs situated at the junction 're. Came she was run down by a gesture gap junctions and plasmodesmata differ London, the... Cookies to improve your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage location where or! Important railway junction, and at the junction of junction examples in sentence Black and rivers! Dresden, Chemnitz, Riesa and Oschatz project because of a lack of funding North Eastern railway from... Hebble near its junction with the Murghab at Pul-i-Khishti should hire a cab otherwise you will be late,. Your consent with both the Gumti and the Gyaing, formed by Furness. Of natural ways from South to Groningen and Meppel respectively having a station the. Grammar is a junction with the line previously determined ) 27,577. of New Haven, the... Place has become an important junction of several important roads and railways from Maaseyck, Maastricht and Liege quince have! The Dihong water-butt at the junction of the Danube, Linz has a considerable trade, principally in produce. Are inversely proportional to the gallows which stood near the existing junction of lines Treves. Crash at Bellgrove and four at Newton on similar single-lead junction lay-outs an of. Donnie passed me on the upper basin of the two canals which run North and South junction.

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