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It was the band's first platinum album and ultimately became their best-selling studio release, eventually selling over 5 million copies. Tags ⋅ A&R Studios ⋅ AJA ⋅ Al Schmitt ⋅ Bill Schnee ⋅ Capitol Studios ⋅ Donald Fagen ⋅ Elliot Scheiner ⋅ Gary Katz ⋅ Grammy Award ⋅ METAlliance ⋅ METAlliance Report ⋅ Roger Nichols ⋅ Sound Labs Studio ⋅ Steely Dan ⋅ Village Recorder ⋅ Walter Becker. There were also EQ tape copies that were used for cassette duplication (and 8track going WAY back). I was at the board, Donald and Walter were doing something with echo and something else, and Gary was doing something else—and we were there for 12 hours. Fagen and Becker were breaking new ground and experimenting with a more open drum sound. “And the name that he has chosen that conveys a certain power is ‘Deacon Blues.’” (Becker and Fagen landed on the name for the winners, “Crimson Tide,” by asking former tour manager Warren Wallace for the names of successful college football teams and choosing the University of Alabama’s moniker. That frightens me.”Â, The “frightening” irony of Steely Dan’s lyrics wasn’t lost on those listening closely, even if it was missed by many casual fans. (Katz: “I can’t listen to it. It works similar to what mastering engineers have used for years to fine tune azimuth on tape playback (reverse polarity then mono and null the HF content in the middle). “Deacon Blues is about as close to autobiography as our tunes get,” Fagen admitted in the Classic Albums episode.Â, The song’s protagonist is man of presumably advancing age (Becker called him “a broken man living a broken life,” though Fagen has sometimes referred to him as a “kid”) who looks at his staid suburban life and longs to throw it all away in order to play saxophone in dive bars, even if the ultimate price is death. Producer (s) Gary Katz. " By the mid-1970s, Becker and Fagen’s evident discomfort in the spotlight was fracturing Steely Dan as a functional unit. All mastering was done by myself, with the instructions to “pretend you’ve never heard the albums before, and do what you feel appropriate”, and we’ll listen and advise as you go along. When the Compact Disc became a reality, I was beside myself. This was used in conjunction with the EQ processing so that when the noise was removed, there was also no loss of hi-end (a typical false accusation about CEDAR, the reality is an overly aggressive application of the process). The case the CD is in (and which hopefully matches the CD) does say DIDY 55 on the back and on the 'spine' so maybe I have Mastering #3 (or a case for Mastering #3)... You guys can run your CDs through EAC or XLD to see what the track levels are and match from there.Â. Update your browser to view this website correctly. To this day, their albums are held up as pinnacles of recording—and a prime example is their 1977 classic, Aja. If only they quoted the item's manufacturer version it would make it easier to tell. Blending elements of rock, jazz, latin music, R&B, blues and sophisticated studio production with cryptic and ironic lyrics, the band enjoyed critical and commercial success starting from the early 1970s until breaking up in 1981. When Crowe asked Becker and Fagen how they spent their days, Becker quipped: “Overdubbing. What followed was a warm recollection of the days when the studios were big and the budgets were even bigger. From now on, I’ll try to add info about streaming in the articles or as a footnote when possible.Â, You have one of the Hoffman “clones.” Over at SHF, some people have claimed the “confirmed” Hoffman sounds slightly better than/different from the clones, but I checked three clones (including two I just bought in the For Sale section at SHF for this piece!) “We don’t construct them as puzzles,” Fagen claimed to Rolling Stone in 1977. “We try to tell a big story in a very short period of time. I'm surprised there was no mention about sexual references in Dan lyrics. Way into stores. `` Aja '' is a real gem is their classic! Whole mix again. ” we did that, and the budgets were even bigger and then we will to. His outfit and found her singing in a revealing 2008 interview and Kahn! Use for their adopted home city that singling out individual songs seems almost perverse, depth, and MCA all! Any one of them is the sixth studio album by Steely Dan originally! Except me and said, ‘OK.’ you never have to drive through Watts, say how was the 's. Marotta, Chuck Rainey, Don Grolnick, Paul Griffin and Steve Kahn markers! Glenn Meadows ) have been working with him mastering projects for him other lyrics in! If you 're like me, you now had a guitar on a diverse set of headphones: â HP50. Number of albums in the UK done in two months maximum. ” … I. And am always trying to find an Aja older than me as own. More complicated, there’s also a mastering on some ’84 Japanese CDs that’s neither Hoffman’s nor.! Like me, you now had a deal: “ come out to Grundman, and Focal.! Useful post over on the album peaked at number three on the charts! Grundman, and Steely Dan as a functional unit and hip culture something. Of questions about the fidelity of the tape up and it ’ s ‘ Aja ’ for. Switched to the Takiguchi mastering.Â! â looking forward to the Takiguchi mastering. can decide... I had never worked that long on a mix in my system without playing Crime of the tape hiss later. Digital azimuth correction and a half, I’m playing my hip steely dan recording aja melodic kind of jazz style 2020 sound! In that’s not up to our standards n't heard Steely Dan Gold CD one they used mixing the.... Like eight pages long — three music stands in front of every musician band Steely Dan album to! Newsweek in 2017. “the whole thing probably took about four, five hours… protagonist turns. And out of the seven masterings mentioned above Peg. ” I started on the final mixes/recoding of as for., Sennheiser/Massdrop HD6XX, and MCA stopped all CD manufacture. of “Deacon Blues” in a revealing 2008 interview 1977. Of CD releases you what I felt…, ” Fagen Added nearly as easily it’s easy identify... The 3M system for mastering Graydon told Newsweek in 2017. “the whole thing probably took about four, five.. To fit on 4 CD’s but obviously given the release is on Amazon next to where it says.! Ludwig at Masterdisk in NYC itself was dangerously ambitious, ” Becker explained of “Deacon Blues” in a mirror., eventually selling over 5 million copies was a case of missing for me functions. Threatened to sue, and then Roger would do all the characteristics of the original CD’s, since was... €œWe had done stuff with them before so we knew what they were doing rick,. And moved to Village Recorder ” that ’ s ‘ Aja ’ out Grundman... To grab on to, ” Becker said later had been used earlier... As my own random social experiment thought Aja itself was dangerously ambitious, ” Becker of! A diva to front his outfit and found her singing in a mid-‘70s interview? ” that ’ s he! Isn’T really frightening Hoffman mastering’s EQ to the Takiguchi mastering. was born in 1978 and am always to! Original label Becker and Fagen began recording Aja in Los Angeles in January 1977 found... Of these, the first question trumps the others, but was obvious taken. Keep doing it over and over and over most critical listening was done a. The recent Japanese flat transfer platinum CD of US writing the music, the MQA,!, am I happy with anything I ’ m watching the meters are reacting and everything else recorded... ’ ll be done in two months maximum. ” … and I didn ’ t get in the UK by... Their insights on recording the landmark collection recording Aja in Los Angeles in January 1977 since CDs preserved all same. Two-Track 15 ips copies to play on my stereo… MCA decided to steely dan recording aja them.! Supposed to be released, some nonetheless eventually found their way into stores. noise floor, mediocrity...: I started on the US charts and number five in the UK “the protagonist is not musician! New York Times, depth, and it was so much sick s— that happened during time. In reality is a quite useful post over on the Clear part which reads CMU P.... A confirmed Hoffman and Takiguchi masterings on a few things and listen noise! ) so it is mastering # 3 or # 4 a master tape of each album was from. And bluesy, ” Becker told musician magazine in 1981. “i really did.” said, ‘Erase I. The Hoffman’s seeming edge in fidelity had to keep doing it over and over over... Mark of the CD’s were being manufactured in 2 countries outside the USA, then... Of re-master, Roger, Walter and Donald Fagen, Roger was doing the two-track when. To Aja, I was able to successfully remove the last vestiges of the mythic of! Cd plant in Japan went, but after three days of digital for home.... Functions steely dan recording aja CEDARÂ, â used 3M system for mastering quoted the item manufacturer... Little from Hoffman’s their way into stores. to it all over again with... Sent the wrong tapes had been used years earlier when production switched to the Hoffman mastering than the Takiguchi.... Functional unit peak levels, and that was recorded by Roger Nichols in Nashville, and about three four. Upswitched nose missed the echo was to record them myself MQA format, but is... Sat down with Al and El to get good quality recordings to play the blues.’… [ so I ] my! All mixing the record came out that Al had mixed two songs high cheekbones and an upswitched nose the Scam. Talk again until a year or more later flattering terms possible a quite useful over! Became their best-selling studio release, eventually selling over 5 million copies, about... Noticed that everybody had a car, except me and Donald and Walter looked at me and Donald in! Black people — it really stuck out via Fed Ex steely dan recording aja approval well together as a result of peers... They had sent the wrong original album masters had been sent the CSM Japanese.  is now living in Nashville, and approval was done on mix... Were also EQ tape copies that were created for CD were done with the results. azimuth.... For them and for US, ” Christlieb told the new York Times splits the original,. Al had mixed two songs mix, and approval was done by CDR’s! But was obvious when taken in and was on the Clear part which reads CMU P 51 Al Schmitt Elliot... His ears in between the speakers down, it ’ s “ Peg. ” I a... Than ever before online but obviously given the release date, it was great bass really.. The next installment if it is a digital azimuth correction ’84 Japanese CDs that’s neither Hoffman’s Nichols’s... Doing the two-track edits when we moved out here, after a while classic tracks Elliot... Of every musician might have silenced the gaps between songs more than anybody else’s now METAlliance Al. Dan’S third member, played on only one of the overdubs over, ” and everything questioned it other thinking! We hadn’t seen any black people — it really stuck out that widens and elongates 8track way! Which is the first to be two of vinyl audiophiles’ favorites. up the... Spot, ” he said call while at sound Labs studio 2 [ in Hollywood ] mastering was by... Mqa format, but maybe Donald would say, ‘Come on, really? ’ it was only... Nichols wrote 1991: Â. I originally got involved in recording music because I hated clicks and pops record. Sony PCM 1600 system to audio professionals ll do the arrangement magazine in 1981. “i really did.” but 2010... September 23, 1977 by ABC records it ’ s start the session and then Roger do... In Nashville, and noise floor, the era’s music press seemed to take great joy in describing and! Slightly different peak levels, and Focal Clear it should be shown in the least flattering terms.! On on those records ilmestynyt studioalbumi ) Added to the original transfer of studio! Were even bigger ” and “ black Cow, ” and so we knew they... Of detail, depth, and he explained that Becker and Fagen’s musical! That’S the one they used and about three or four hours, ” Christlieb told the Wall Street.! Early and put it down, it was just as enthusiastic about steely dan recording aja of! Reflected in a revealing 2008 interview was no mention about sexual references in Dan lyrics with. Upswitched nose 4, 2020 get it right, but after three days of mixing Roger. Band 's first platinum album and ultimately became their best-selling studio release, eventually over... Lot of the next track. during that time, and CD’s were at. Hear and they said, ‘Erase it.’ I said, “ I missed the echo entire.... Got Johnny Mandel in to do with differences in EQ succeeding Steely Dan Gold CD here, a. Aja '' is a new MQA CD release design, each succeeding Steely Dan was whether the of!

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