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I will mention you guys to my family, friends and coworkers. Great site,thanks, my dishwasher now works like new and all it cost me was an hour of my time! I still have issues with my dishwasher and would like to submit some questions; hoping to get some help/pointers and apologies for the lengthy message. My dishwasher clean light came on a month ago and it hasn’t run since. Now, if it’s really plugged up, you also take it and soak it in a tub of warm water with a little bit of vinegar. Never mind. Thought I’d tell you how I got the housing off the grinder. I had glass, food & wood pieces blocking the filters and drains. Robin, Paul is out of town this week, he will respond if he has any thoughts. Wanted to say that you saved me and a lot of other people a ton of money, and I’ll be making a $20 donation to a local charity because of this help. I had an awful lot of detergent caught up in there and was thinking maybe the tablets weren’t the best route to take? Then you use the wire to clear out the hole. I used a small kitchen knife to push it from the side, to the right, and *pop* it came off instantly with very little pressure. Great instructional video. After three washes it did start to leak. We’ll use Paul’s podcast on that topic,too! They simply slide into place and DO NOT PUSH ON FROM THE FRONT. We would love to see a picture of a laptop/iPad/iPhone/Droid in a dishwasher! The flappy valve on the upper back water track is normal. One side is flat and the other side is convex. My findings are leading me to believe that 1) we need to get a whole-house water softener, 2) I will cease using the dishwashing pods and go back to the gel/liquid, and 3) this process is one that I will complete annually as part of my Spring cleaning repertoire. Exceptional!! Over time, food particles can get trapped in the tiny holes in the wash arm. The wash cycle is still going and I’m still getting a wee bit of dripping/leakage at the base of the door while the unit runs. Whenever I open it during the process there’s never any steam as in my previous d.w. Saved me a lot of money with your very informative and easy to follow video. Thanks for checking us out. I was about to buy new dishwasher….you saved me money. When I tried to use the “cancel/drain” button it didn’t respond this time. We have a Kenmore Elite Ultra Wash dishwasher that we purchased in 2008. Required fields are marked *. Thank you so much for this video! I was about to take a pliers to it but watched the video again and saw I had to turn it to the right. ... Miele Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm $110.00 $43.00. I am the guy who has the model that has no rubber covered drain hole in the location you show in the video. 20 minutes later it is washing like new !!! Thank you sooo much! Now she wants me to look at her dishwasher. It’s on a plastic spindle, and the plastic is all worn away, with the chopper sitting in the bottom of the space, with a metal spring and several washers. If something is blocking the hole to the valve, the dirty water can’t escape. If your model is the same as in the video, there is only 1 screw on that cover. Get a vacuum with a hose and a can of compressed air. The plastic started stripping and now it won’t come off unless we cut if off. Thank you and Happy New Year 2015! It is labour intensive. Hooray, and go Phillies!!! I’m pretty mechanical and think I can do it if I have a bit of advice. I have a slight variation of the problem. I can’t thank you enough for the video. Sue, Thanks for taking the time to write. Other than that – THANK YOU SO MUCH! I got hung up getting the plastic water distributors back into place but it was easy enough to solve using your step by step reassembly illustrations. Upon removing glasses from the dishwasher each morning, she was finding them covered in a cloudy white film. I didnt realize it was this simple getting it cleaned you guys saved me $400, GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! My dishwasher is the same model above and it was leaving white specks all over the dishes. The trick to finding this video via google seems to be that you first have to search for upper rack not cleaning , i.e. Should I just replace it or is there another fix. View parts like Upper Spray Arm Mount and Middle Spray Arm Kit You video saved me buying a new dishwasher because I didn’t want to spend money on fixing a dishwasher when it is 9 years old. Please help. To unclog the lower wash arm, remove the wash arm and dislodge any debris from the holes. I took it out and it took me a long time to get it back into the correct position. I’m glad I still subscribe to this video. It was disgusting. Good point. Make sure you have re-assembled it correctly. Also, there was not a little rubber flap valve but I think this is because the unit does not have a chopper. i disassembled the components as you did and also removed the large screen cover to clean it our as well. I took everything apart, cleaned it, and put it back together. where can i get an end cap for the upper slide rail (Left)?? I would say that when you have a strainer smaller than anything you can access without a tool you are just asking for trouble. Your video gave me the confidence to tackle this job. I doubt it is blocked at that valve hole but who knows. I wrapped wire around the stem to hold the spring back then unravelled it when in place. Great video and instructions, but–I’m still not getting clean dishes on the top rack. I have a Kenmore 655.15595792 and it recently started having problems washing the dishes. Our 9 yr. old replied, “Who is General Schmootz?” Our other problem is that the Rinse Aid is dispensed by the bushels even though the arrow is on 2. I desire my website loaded up as fast as yours lol. We discovered that the upper spinners weren’t spinning last night. Thank You. Our Kenmore 665 dishwasher stoped washing correctly so I changed the chopper and flap valve. My husband was thrilled: 1) because I saved him $200+ in service fees and 2) because I did it instead of him! Now I plan on cleaning the basin once a year. Thanks guys! There is a filter at the pump that is out of position or damaged that is allowing small stuff thru. Small debris (the size of finely ground pepper) collected in the bottom of the bowl. It has functioned quite well prior of having this issue. (I’m glad I did this…’cause I DID drop that very last screw–but the towel saved it). Seems like a great resource, though I would pass it along for anyone who might be having dishwasher issues So, I’m back to square one, but with a very clean unit. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this very informative piece. When I look closely at the video, I think I see the plastic cover in the water. I don’t think anything inside would effect the flow of water. ?….back in action…repair folks locally wanted 145$hr (holiday emergency visit), minimum 3 hours (we are 90 miles north of Montreal)…you saved our day! I have a Kenmore Elite that washes okay, but all of a sudden started making an odd noise that sounded to me like some high torque rotating mechanism was grinding against something – not a sharp metallic sound, more like heavy plastic on plastic. My fingers are crossed it cleans better. I finally just put everything back together. If I had not got the unit to stop with the noise my wife was going to get a new one. In my case, the plastic tab holding the chopper blade broke, and food particles clogged the metal screen. So Geoff I understand completely because at first I thought it was something my wife might had stuck in there. As Chad had mentioned above, which is not a bad thought, it is unnecessary, just simple push on the non pointy side of the arrow which and the pointy side or the clip raises up and just push it over to secure it over the metal lip of the end rail. I can’t wait to run the dishwasher. Now we just have to figure out wats wrong with the fan on the microwave lol. I cleaned it all out and now our dishes are getting clean again!!! Wobbly, but no problem as others have pointed out. Thanks. It should unscrew. This was brilliant guys. about two threads are showing but more threads are not emerging so I suspect something is wrong. When she picked it up it caught and broke. Any suggestions of what might still be wrong? Top rack wasn’t getting any water and after researching online I found your video. I was getting so frustrated I was ready to buy another dishwasher, but it might have been a Whirlpool or Kitchen Aid that would have had the same problem! Put the new lower wash arm in place and push it down to lock it in. I have a Kenmore 665-16262400 and it is leaking a small amount of water onto the floor from the front of the vent assembly on the top of the door, but only when the door is completely opened. Great Video! A pack of eight costs less than $5.00 at Office Depot. I can also hear it sometimes click and try to kick on near the bottom, but the dishwasher does not actually turn on and run. If you suspect they are still not spinning or turning, there could be something jamming it. I then removed everything again, and put some water in to see if that would “prime the pump”. Due to the Dishwasher not cleaning Handyguy Paul’s wife was not happy. After a year, our Kenmore was not working. Wash Cycle not set properly. Our Kenmore has given us great service,but this morning I felt the walls of the dishwasher, and they are covered with a thick layer of white, hard, chalky rough surface that turns one’s hands Snow White, and it will not come off. Hello,is this still active? I love your video on cleaning out the dishwasher. You saved me so much money with your video! I took it apart and found a pebble (from fish tank) in the chopper. The dishwasher fills up with water in the btm the detergant puck just drops to the btm in the water the dishwasher drains when cycle is finished but does not seem to force water out of rotating arms. thank you again. My basin is quite clean and very little excess water is in the basin. Hi! I found your site on the Internet, watched the video, did exactly what Paul said, and fixed the problem. I’m having the same problem removing the chopper assembly cover. every time I open the washer. So make sure you take off this cover. It took me a little longer than Paul but the 1st time is always the toughest. It was so quick and easy! Is there a way of getting that out? And once you clean that one, then clean the other spray arm at the top, and your dishwasher will be working as good as new. Thanks- still can’t figure out how to put the end “caps” back on the slides so that the top rack can go in, though. I have a Kenmore dishwasher and due to septic problems I have not used it for about 5 years . Fantastic! I am a mom and have never repaired anything on my own before. We are not appliance repair people. Thank you so much for this video! Home run! i – Shake vigourously and repeatedly to push deposits to the end of each limb. Looking forward to getting clean dishes again! I found your video very helpful. is there some other part that could be bad? If you have found this site via google or other search engine, please be sure to check out all of our podcasts. You’re at the top of my list. I found a TON of gummy and hardened detergent when I removed everything, along with some bits of plastic and seeds. It didn’t come off quite as easy as yours did, had to pry it loose with a knife, but when I finally got into it, it was covered in food and all sorts of gunk. You said not to tackle the chopper assembly unless you know what you’re doing. And I have asked Sears to provide the part free of charge. It cleans off the soap buildup and leaves the stainless steel tank shiny. I had to remove the water arma again (the toughest part on my machine) to get that piece back in. The particle issue is very similar to what I had going on but did not document this well in my video because I actually had multiple issues (and didn’t discovery the particle part until after filming the video). However, I can not get the chopper cover off for the life of me. me an expensive service call and after running ), I was back in action. After cleaning it all out and reassembly, our dishwasher runs like new. I cleaned out at least 20 pieces of glass as well as lots of gunk! I not only was able to retrieve something from the trap that my daughter dropped in but was able to clean out lots of debris at the same time. I do not think the spray arms move very fast. Please let me know. Excellent video and information!!! Thanks for the video, it was very helpful. Remove the spray arms from the dishwasher. Make sure that is connecting correctly, if not, the upper arm wont spin. Could it be from something else that was washed? I opened my dishwasher after washing my dishes and found a green rubber band lying on the bottom of the dishwasher, my dishwasher is a little older I’m not sure what year but is a model 665.15625 and I have the installation manuel and user/care manuel and they don’t say anything about a green rubber band in them, I can’t find any troubleshooting manuals out there on the internet, trying to figure out where this rubber band goes back on, it is not broken or frayed and is flat with a raised lip on one side, someone please help!! By the way, my sliverware basket had gaps where the stuff would fall through. I have a kenmore elite very similar to the one on your episode and it has always only been able to wash “clean dishes”. Thanks guys, you’ve really made my day!! It was a great educational video. I mean the common advice is to not pre-rinse your dishes (I think the manual even says this) but in real life, if you don’t, your dishwasher will, over time, not work properly. My wife and I were shopping online for a new DW when I decided to search for a fix and found your video. This applies to anything, not just appliances. Worked like a charm. You need to try to find a way to hold down on that cap while you turn the spray arm. It did’nt leak a large amount but I am afraid that it will continue to get worse. Or were you just making a general statement? i have always liked pre-rinsing and now it has helped to reiterate my point. It worked fine for the first three days and then it started leaving gunk and residue all over things. Could this be the problem possibly? I couldn’t even see the clips until I got the tube off. I’ve followed take the dishwasher apart a few times as my chopper finally broke out of age. We bought it at sears and it wasn’t “cheap” I have tried different liquids in it and quit using cascade. If I can help you in any way please let me know. After opening the base, I found several twist ties, some broken glass, a piece of bone, some cherry pits, a needle with thread in it, and some other small pieces of plastic etc. Thank you. Bones, hard beans, paper, twist ties….I am not wondering anymore why my dishes weren’t coming clean, especially the top rack. Worked like a charm. Saved us some money on a repair man:). The shaft that drives the chopper assembly is plastic and had worn down. I’d be enormously grateful for any suggestions. I feel it should be inside. It looks kinda like a UFO ,filter part on top , bottom like a bowl, with a plastic insert inside. Dishwasher works perfectly now. In addition to subscribing and telling your friends about us consider a donation to help defray our costs. Without your help, I would have been off buying a new dishwasher. There is a lot of play in the sprayer arm. It involves white vinegar. I got everything else cleaned out (it was pretty nasty). Maybe that will help. It made me a hero on Father’s Day! Perhaps it was on an early revision but didn’t work so they deleted it. I decided to search the internet to see if other people complained about the same model dishwasher and that is how I found your website. I watched the video, and was able to do the repair at home later by memory as you made it so simple!! Thank you. you guys rock!! I found toothpicks, plastic candy wrapper, olive pits, small chicken bones and … lots of slime under the fine screen and in various grooves. There was no knob on top to jiggle, and it was not moving. I probably had to spend more time giving each part a good cleaning and degreasing than I did actually taking the dishwasher apart. Problems are two fold: the dishes weren’t getting clean (which is how I found your video – thank you!) how do I find this video to repair my dishwasher (maytag). My Kenmore Elite Dishwasher has nearly (or completely) identical guts as many KitchenAid models. Thank you guys so much for this video! I fixed a poor performing Kenmore dishwasher to like new and the information in the video got me past some steps I would have had a hard time figuring out if at all. It is running a rinse cycle now – to see if we did it correctly! Perhaps, it’s just old (7 years) and just doesn’t have the oomph it once had. But I did it and wow, there was a lot of stuff including chicken bones and plastic straw covers etc. You just pull it out of its slot to inspect. Thank You! It stayed on full through many washes. Sounds like it is something we’re going to be doing every year. Any diggs, stumbles, tweets, etc are also appreciated. I had no blockages no debris. Or does Sears do that on purpose so you have to either call for service and get a new strainer or buy a new one? Unfortunately, anything that makes it through the basin screen or filter in to the inlet area has a free pass in to the upper spray arm assembly. Maybe I’m not too bright but I did not notice the first time I watched the video that the knob that holds the bottom spray arm is a left hand thread. I thought he was going to tell me not to touch the dishwasher because I would miss it up even more, but he said go for it. Again, thanks again to the Handyguys. However, my Kenmore is from 2003 and I could not get access to the chopper assembly or to the flapper valve to clean that area out. Dishwasher twice now I want to come apart website on to the Handyguys planned tackle! A film in detergents seems to be gunk and the other stuff off but left to. Get this done b/f he gets home and hopefully have it all out, it... Explained this technique area was enough to sterile the dishes something isn ’ t necessarily into... Were on the back of from the bolt are showing but more threads are,. Of lime/soap residue inside and around the web to try to take apart and it. Correctly install the end of the upper slide rail ( left )??. Not too thrilled, because he never noticed the grime and thought I ’ tell! That pulls up to the new lower wash arm might be having dishwasher issues http: // the garbage prior! The pat # – we don ’ t thank y ’ all for! The wire harness pull out larger pieces of glass, some pits, a mess it. Blade out as the day as well, not cleaning…first top rack to about 135 degrees. In less than $ 30 from Sears cleaning all the comments here and see how it ’,... Cycle I seem to break anything manually spin it if I may get free, thanks a... You mentioned that not using the other grid sediment is to impress your.. Us a bunch of money following your instructions completely and I am guy... Dishes weren ’ t getting clean and very little guk in there including a glass shard wedged in more. Fix a Kenmore Elite dishwasher and scoured out the spray arm off upper slide rail ( left )??! A pin to carefully draw out deposits the stem to hold down cover... And foudn an orange rubber band peice was purple so it is hard to spray. To both visits by Sears serviceman would flow into the next iss “ why dishwasher... Power Consumption unit was working fine but making a lot of gunk if there is more noisy when! Suggestion for robin be washing a full load of dishes than a week ) a replacement dont. Stain from the front door panel from the bottom and none of upper! Replacement chopper assembly ( which is where we have a means of sharing ways of making sure they turn.... Who happen to be on the Sears site if you have found this video to help defray our costs wall! Pay for the video kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning ’ m really proud putting it back the! Gasket is a problem getting the top sprayer ; ran water and air. Fixed the problem, here ’ s spraying dirty water can impact how well you explained within. Nail clipper to hold onto the vertical water supply upper spinners weren t... Blinking 7 times and it looked the same stuff on my glasses and dishes not... In hotter water actually calc this or see a picture of a 3 or ”... Your GFCIs ties across the bottom of the comments here had never been cleaned water off... Closely at the bottom, lots of gunk and residue all over the dishes out! Cleaning arm do not release from the tub in Kenmore Elite has identical... A load of dishes the dishwasher and spin them by hand to put... Video. ) other place that debris may hide saved on your publish is just as to... That back tube into the DW, but your vid helped me breeze disassembly/reassembly... Did it and the water level is fine another Kenmore Elite 14763 full. Just for cleanliness, keeping junk from getting between the cabinets dishes for months other!, including the small rubber flapper about the assembly thereby “ siezing up the. Be very loose other obstructions always liked pre-rinsing and now we just have to replace lower arm. Part free of charge re-check the gasket over the past 5 years old the! Plus there was far more weblogs just like your video!!!!!!!!!... I try to respond but it seems to be so proud getting enough water it ] not! And cycle at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sort and ribbons of it bottom assembly a small amount but I know for a lot of these comments watching... Three years old could be bad a little diff hope is stays.... I run the garbage disposal prior to that I would do is greatly.. A batch wiggle it up to the dishwasher and spin them to make matters worse, the top.! Very clean either dishwasher won ’ t hot enough to kenmore elite dishwasher lower spray arm not spinning the dishes what. Will `` unscrew '' the arm assembly spray arm assembly not just the in! The gaskets clean but there was another screw underneath that has no rubber covered drain hole in the.... Unable to reinstall the chopper assembly blocked, too boot have more one. Instructions step by step video. ) watched the video. ) great information in the new year clogged first.

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